Alice Cares

Nov 9, 16:15
English & Hungarian Subtitles
Nov 13, 20:00
English & Hungarian Subtitles
International Panorama
Sander Burger
The Netherlands

Alice is a small care robot created as an experiment for future caregiving options for the elderly. Can a robot build a human relationship with someone and thus replace a person of flesh and blood? Alice moves in with three elderly single women who are hesitant at first but slowly they warm up to Alice, who makes conversation and listens attentively to her new companions' stories, thoughts and concerns. The researchers follow the experiment from a lab at the university in Amsterdam, exploring how the “sociobot” should talk and help decrease the effects of loneliness. The outcome of the experiment is surprising for all involved. This touching and poignant exploration of our relationship to robots doesn't provide easy answers but offers a look into a future that is just around the corner.

Janneke Doolaard
Manuel Rombley
Sal Kroonenberg
Taco Drijfhout
Gideon Bijlsma
Hein Verhoeven
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