Karla's Arrival

Nov 9, 19:45
Nov 10, 17:45
Jury Films
Koen Suidgeest
Second Prize at Documenta Madrid, 2011.

Karla's Arrival follows 19-year-old mother, Sujeylin Aguilar, and her baby Karla, as they struggle through the first year of the child's life. One day after being born, Karla travels in a cardboard box straight from the hospital to her future home: a park in the Nicaraguan capital Managua. Her underage mother Sujeylin ran away from home and became a drug addict ending up on the streets, where she met Karla's father, Juan Carlos. The story starts three months before Karla's birth and ends around her first birthday. For eight years now, Sujeylin has been living off the generosity of her wheeling-and-dealing boyfriend and the NGO's peppering the city. She doesn't expect the arrival of her baby to change much in her own life, planning to raise her in the park where she forms part of a group of colorful characters she considers her only family. Karla's Arrival takes its audience on the intense personal journey of a young woman's venture into motherhood under extreme circumstances. Narrated by the protagonist herself and told with gracious intimacy, the film offers a story full of hope; covering a universal issue we have not yet been exposed to. 

Koen Suidgeest, Emily Lobsenz
Jan De Coster
Koen Suidgeest
Gerardo Pietrafesa
Martin Rasskin
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El Rayo Films S.L. Calle Infantas 21, 3° 1° 28004 Madrid, Spain tel.: + 34 913 604 828 info@elrayofilms.com www.elrayofilms.com www.karlasarrival.com