Liberation, the User's Guide

Nov 9, 20:30
English & Hungarian Subtitles
Nov 12, 15:00
English & Hungarian Subtitles
International Panorama
Alexander Kuznetsov
Visions du Réel, Most Innovative Film Award, 2016.

This vérité documentary follows the long struggle of two inmates at the mental institution. Like many of their fellow residents, Yulia and Katia have been transferred from the orphanage to confinement in a neuropsychiatric unit, and are legally incapacitated and deprived of all civil rights: no freedom, no possibility of establishing a family, nor of earning a wage. They have spent much of their lives locked in various institutions - abandoned by their mothers, raised with little access to vital therapy and programs, and caught in an impersonal bureaucracy that prevents them from taking control of their own lives. Each day begins a struggle the return of their rights from a state power which would make their emancipation possible. Well-meaning staff members encourage them to think positively, yet speak of the women presuming their cognitive impairments. Between hopes and disappointments, Liberation, the User's Guide is the tale of their rocky path toward regaining their basic rights to independence.

Rebecca Houzel, Hugues Landry
Alexander Abaturov
Alexander Kuznetsov
Alexander Kalashnikov, Jeanne Delplancq
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