The Event

Nov 11, 22:30
English Subtitles & Hungarian Simultaneous Translation
Nov 12, 21:00
English Subtitles
International Panorama
Sergey Loznitsa
The Netherlands
Russian Film Critics Guild, White Elephant Award for the Best Documentary in 2016

The Event is centered on the 1991 military coup in the Soviet Union and is made entirely of footage shot by the cameramen of the Leningrad documentary film studio. Most of this material remained stored in the studio archive and was unknown to the public until the moment Sergei Loznitsa zoomed in on the event, which, until now, stirs controversy. The remarkable footage witnesses the seismic history from the street, thrusting the viewer into the middle of the crowd and demonstrating confusion in action. The situation is one of constant change, even as the Soviet coup leaders try in vain to establish normalcy. Loznitsa’s editing and carefully constructed soundtrack depict both the chaos and the raw power of mass demonstration. What really happened in Russia in August 1991? Who are these people looking at the camera: victors or victims?

Sergei Loznitsa, Maria Choustova-Baker
Danielius Kokanauskis, Sergei Loznitsa
Vladimir Glazkov, Vadim Donets, Vladimir Dyakonov, Alexander Ivanov, Sergei Lando, Vladimir Morozov, Igor Petrov, Lev Rozhin
Vladimir Golovnitzki
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