Train to Adulthood

Nov 10, 20:00
English Subtitles
Nov 12, 16:30
English Subtitles
Hungarian Panorama
Klára Trencsényi
Next Masters Award at DOK Leipzig Festival, 2015.

Train to Adulthood is a coming-of-age story of three Hungarian youngsters who work at the Budapest Children’s Railway. This small-gauge railway was created in 1948 for the pioneers, Hungary’s communist youth organization, and since then it has been continuously used. Hundreds of thousands of passengers a year travel along the winding tracks of the Buda Hills with the railway operated by children aged 10 to 14, who run all the stations and accompany passengers on their journey. Viktor, his sister Kármen, and Gergő are passionate about their work on the Children’s Railway. For them it is a place of comradery and a refuge from the chaos and indifference of today’s society. Their families are struggling to get by, barely making ends meet in Hungary or working abroad. In the end, Viktor and Kármen lose their home and Gergő has to choose between following his own dream or joining his parents abroad. While the children enjoy being responsible adults at the railway, they are forced to mature abruptly due to the difficulties at home. 

Julianna Ugrin
Judit Czakó
Trencsényi Klára
Vízkelety Márton
Várhegyi Rudolf
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