The Workers Cup

Labour: Our Life
Adam Sobel
United Kingdom
English, Nepali, Malayalam, Twi, Ga, Hindi, Arabic

The Workers Cup is a close look inside Qatar’s labor camps, where the future World Cup locations are being built by a million-plus migrant workers. The film follows a team of laborers living a real-life version of fantasy football. By day they sweat on the construction sites, by night they compete in a "workers welfare’" football tournament, playing in the same stadiums that will one day host the world’s greatest players. The director zooms-in on a team with workers from Nepal, India, Ghana, and Kenya whose only common ground is their love for football. Each match offers a momentary escape from homesickness and isolation. Feeling like pawns in the World Cup’s marketing game, they can’t help but hope that their success in sports will bring a change to their lives.

11.08. Thursday 16:00
English & Hungarian Subtitles
11.10. Saturday 15:45
English & Hungarian Subtitles
Ramzy Haddad
Rosie Garthwaite
Lauren Wellbrock
Anne Jünemann
Adam Sobel
Nazim Aggoune
Joe Saade
Nathan Halpern
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Sundance 2017 Official Selection
CPH:DOX 2017