Satellite Verzió - Szombathely

Bohém - Community Club
For the 1st time Verzió is in Szomathely!

November 21-24

Bohém is a loosely organized community space in Szombathely, a county seat close to the Austrian border. This café and event venue in the inner city, once the city wall, not only operates on a market basis, but also puts the social and cultural needs of its users in the foreground. Thus, it has become a meeting place for local communities and grassroots groups, and the base for joint projects.

November 21, Thursday 
19:00 Hi, A.I.

November 22, Friday
18:00 Minding the Gap
19:50 Downstream

November 23, Saturday
16:00 The Euphoria of Being
17:45 The Pastor of Mandák House
19:15 Ghetto Balboa

November 24, Sunday
16:00 Fair Traders
17:45 Earth

The films are screened in original language with Hungarian and English subtitles.
At the end of the day moderated discussions will follow the thematic screenings.
Moderators: Anna Kondics, social worker and Júlia Salamon, art mediator.

Ticket information:
Daily tickets
are available at the venue before each screening: 500 HUF.
4-day passes are available for 1500 HUF.
Seats are available at a first come first served basis. The number of seats are limited, it is advised to arrive in advance.

9700 Szombathely
Thököly Imre u. 14.