Verzió’s university cooperation program, UniVerzió offers students of film studies and related fields an opportunity to be a part of the festival not only as visitors, but as active contributors as well. Verzió is a unique meeting point for students from different fields of studies and different educational institutions—young people with a commitment to documentary film can meet their contemporaries at festival events, learn from acknowledged industry professionals, and gain experience working as part of an international team. 

In the Film Studies Department, Beja Margitházi’s class analyses films at the intersection of trauma theory and documentary film theory. Students then write an essay for their chosen film.  In the Communication and Media Studies Department, András Müllner's class analyzes human rights documentaries in the frame of genre theory studies.
The best written pieces will be featured on the Verzió blog. 

Students of graphic design from the Budapest Metropolitan University, with mentoring assistance from Ferenc Tepes and Krzysztof Ducki, design alternative film posters for the festival program. An exhibition of their work will be on display November 11–21 at Empathy Café. Don’t miss it!
Students of the Media and Motion Picture Studies Department will be busy recording the festival events. As cinmeatographers and editors, they will create short videos, and conduct interviews with festival guests and visitors. 

For the first time this year, the Faculty of Social Psychology at the University of Pécs offers a course on documentary films, open to all university students. The course led by Dr. Sára Bigazzi introduces students to a selection of Verzió films and discusses social and ecological issues following the screenings. Students then write essays from the perspective of their respective fields of study.