Verzió’s university cooperation program, UniVerzió offers students of film studies and related fields an opportunity to be a part of the festival not only as visitors, but as active contributors as well. 

Students deepen their knowledge about documentary films in the frame of university classes by engaging with various aspects of Verzió from critically analyzing the documentary and its representational modes to highlighting the films' topics by graphic design. Students also write film reviews from which a selection is published online on the Verzió blog, and alternative film posters are displayed in Empathy Café.
During the festival week, students can take part in various activities such as moderating Q&As, interviewing festival guests and making videos, and they can also meet and learn from acknowledged industry professionals in the frame of industry panels, masterclasses or guests meet guests events. 
Since 2018, four universities in Budapest, ELTE, METU, CEU and SZFE have been our partners, and in 2019 the University of Pécs joined as well.