Nathan Grossman • Sweden • 2020 • 98min • Swedish, English
The journey of world-famous teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg from her school strike to the UN climate summit.
Jane Magnusson • Sweden • 2019 • 59min • English
The questionable social norms of beauty and the fashion industry through the story of a model.
Steve Loveridge • Sri Lanka, UK, USA • 2018 • 95min • English, Tamil
An intimate portrait of the Sri Lankan musician who continues to shatter conventions. Includes never-before-seen personal footage that spans decades.
Mona Nicoara, Miruna Coca-Cozma • Switzerland, USA • 2011 • 94min • Romanian
Can EU money stop segregation of the Roma in school? 4 years in the life of a town in northern Romania: an in-depth look at generational prejudice, squandered opportunities, and good intentions gone awry.
Francois-Xavier Drouet • France • 2018 • 103min • French
A journey into the heart of industrial forestry, monoculture, pesticides, profitability, and social injustice shows the forest as we have never seen it.