(If I can sing a song about) Ligatures

10 Minutes Older


1956 as Media Revolution

2 or 3 Things I Know About Him

200.000 Phantoms

235 000 000


9 Star Hotel

A Life To Live

A Place I Have Never Been

Addicted to Plastic

Afghan Star

Alone in Four Walls





Audience Award Winner

Audience Award Winner - Free screening

Audience Award Winner: Hungarian film

Audience Award Winner: International film

Audience awarded Hungarian film

Audience awarded International film

Award Ceremony

Best Human Rights film

Best Human Rights Film

Best Human Rights Film Award

Best Student/Debut film

Best Student/Debut film

Calling Mr. Smith

Capitalism: Child labor

Capitalism: Slavery


Comparing Now and Then

Confessions To The Mirror

Didube, The Last Stop

Doc-Pro panel: Co-production: Possibilities and Challenges

Doc-Pro panel: Documentary Films and Alternative Distribution Models

Doc-Pro panel: Filming Vulnerable Protagonist: Ethical Challenges

DocLab 2018

Elie Wiesel Goes Home

Encounter in Kitcisakik

Everyday Life of Gestapo Officer Schmidt

Fiasco – Fragments based on the novel by Imre Kertész

Frescoes of Kuldīga

Friendly Fire

Home After War

Houston, We Have a Problem!


Karmas - Everyday Heroes – The Disaster

Magic Mirror

Nitanish - To My Daughter


Own Death

Photograph of Jesus


Public screening of the DocLab films



The 3 Rooms Of Melancholia

The Act of Killing - Director's Cut

The Beginning

The Coast

The Construction

The Diary of Yunbogi Boy

The Fallen

The Flat

The Host

The Revolution Hunter

The Storming of the Winter Palace

The Summer

The Worker

Vektor VR Section

Very Nice, Very Nice

Verzio DocLab - Face to Face: Refugees in Europe

Vestige of Life

Volleyball - Finding My Balance

White Bells

Why Colonel Bunny was Killed