Information about Purchasing Tickets and Passes

  • Before purchasing any tickets or passes, please read carefully the Hogyan működik page about system requirements, for example supported operation systems. To read it in English scroll down on the page.
  • The films will be accessible from 8pm on 10 November, until 11:59pm on 22 November, via the FILMS menu on our website. After a quick registration process, you can create an account and choose your films.
  • Tickets and passes are on presale already, starting from November 5. / UPDATE: DOCFAN PASSES ARE SOLD OUT. 
  • The films will NOT be shown at fixed times; you can watch the film(s) you have chosen at any time during these 12 days.
  • All films are either in English or have English subtitles. To select the subtitle click on the **CC** option at right button of the playback window.
  • You do not have to pay for all of the films, some will be available free of charge*.
  • There are a limited number of tickets available for certain films. Therefore, please get your tickets early so you don’t miss out!
  • There are also a limited number of discount and supporter passes available. Please see below.
  • Subtitles can be added to the film by clicking on the CC button at the right side of the video player. 
  • You can have maximum 5 devices registered to one account, and you are able to stream on two devices in the same time. You may delete devices and add new ones. New devices are automatically registered.
  • After purchasing your ticket or pass, you can watch your chosen film(s) any time during the Festival; you have 24 hours to watch or rewatch the film after you initially press play. (For example: if you purchase a ticket for the film Wood on 3 November, the film will be available, in your Library, from 8pm on 10 November until 11:59pm, 22 November. However, the 24-hour window of availability will start when you first press play on the film. Therefore, if you start a film at 10am on 11 November, you will have access to that film until 10am on 12 November.)
  • Due to the rules of geo-blocking, most of the films** will only be accessible from Hungary.

* Free films: films in the Hungarian competition, the Student & Debut Competition, and the short film, Walls.

** Films available outside of Hungary: films in the Hungarian Competition, with the exception of Return to Epipo and Kostya Proletarsky

[Children under the age of 14 can only register to watch films under parental or guardian supervision. More information in the Terms of Use.]

Types of Tickets and Passes

Type of ticket # available Valid For Price Discount Bonus
Ticket Varies by film For single-use/1 film 900 HUF 0% -
DocFan Pass / SOLD OUT 200 passes All 50 films 8,000 HUF 65% 1 Verzió mask
Verzió x FreeSZFE Pass 50 passes The Earth Is Blue as an Orange
It Takes a Family
God’s Children
Master and Tatyana
4,000 HUF 12% -
Verzió x WMN Pass 50 passes Overseas
Freedom Fields
Maddy, the Model
Lindy: the Return of the Little Light
Wake Up On Mars
4,000 HUF 12% -
Verzió x Szabad Terek Pass 50 passes God’s Children
The State Against Mandela and the Others
Welcome to Chechnya
17 Blocks
4,000 HUF 12% -
Verzió x Mérce Pass 50 passes They Call Me Babu
We Hold the Line
Patriotic Highway
The Red Line - Resistance in Hambach Forest
4,000 HUF 12% -
Verzió x WWF Hungary Pass 50 passes Wood
The Red Line - Resistance in Hambach Forest
Smog Town
The Wandering Chef
I Am Greta
4,000 HUF 12% -
Verzió x Blinken OSA Pass 50 passes The Exit of the Trains
The Fantastic
Talking About Trees
4,000 HUF 12% -
Verzió Kanapé (Couch) Pass  50 passes

For all 50 films.
This is a supporter pass that can be used for groups of 5-10 people, watching in closed (non-public) screenings. 
Support the festival by purchasing the Verzió Kanapé pass, and be featured on the Thank You list on our website! 

20,000 HUF 75% 2 Verzió masks

Accreditation for members of the press and industry professionals is available, for further details, please visit the Accreditation page.

Verzió mask

The DocFan and Verzió Couch Passes include Verzó masks with an original design. Masks can be picked up in person at the Blinken OSA Archives reception desk (Budapest V., Arany János u. 32.) with your e-purchase receipt from November 11. Alternatively, to have your mask delivered to you, send us an email with MASK in the subject line. 

Masks are only available for those purchasing the DocFan and Couch passes, and are not for sale individually.

If you have any questions, send us an email at