UniVerzió - Verzió x METU

In 2018, Verzió established a since then growing and increasingly popular cooperation with universities in Budapest. UniVerzió offers students of film studies and related fields an opportunity to be a part of the festival not only as visitors, but as active contributors as well. Students deepen their knowledge about documentary films in the frame of university classes by engaging with various aspects of Verzió from critically analyzing the documentaries and their representational modes to highlighting the films' topics by graphic design, or moderating Q&As with the filmmakers.


No cinema exists without colourful film posters.

We have a 4-year long cooperation with METU, exhibiting alternative film posters at the Empathy Café, the charity café of the Hungarian Red Cross. The exhibition is a collective work of two different departments of the University; Graphic Design MA student create the film posters under the mentorship of Krzysztof Ducki, and Design Culture BA students organize the opening event with the help of curator Gabriella Uhl. This cooperation gives us a chance to engage young people from outside the closed circles of film fans and human rights activists. 

The opening of the latest exhibition in 2020 was the only public offline event of the 17th Verzió Film Festival, that took place on the first day of the Festival, November 10. Due to the restrictions in response to the pandemic, the day after the opening ceremony, Empathy Café had to close and the exhibition could not be visited in person. We invited the viewers to watch a short video of the vibrant opening event, and to browse the students’ work on our website. 

Students taking part in the program in 2020: Adele Afdal, Bernadett Balla, Krisztina Borbás, Archita Bose, Vanessza Böjte, Beatrix Czigler, Cintia Csányi, Krisztina Cséve, Tibor Domján, Panna Fodor, Eszter Fülöp, Borbála Kiss, Viktória Korponai, Veronika Kovács, Maya Lantos, Klaudia Lukács, Réka Sára Mezei, Ferenc Molnár, Mercédesz Pospischil, Krisztián Rab, Szonja Ramocsa, Laura Anna Rátkai Laura, Anna Somorjai, Adrienn Tóth B., Dániel Szikora, Rebeka Városi, Zsófia Volyák

Domján Tibor
Horváth Eszter Flóra
Lukács Klaudia
Molnár Ferenc
Perlay Rezső
Rátkai Laura
Afdal Adele Velund
Balla Bernadett
Böjte Vanessza Andrea
Borbás Krisztina
Bose Archita
Csányi Cintia Evelin
Cséve Krisztina
Fodor Panna
Fülöp Eszter
Kis Borbála
Korponai Viktória
Kovács Veronika
Lantos Maya
Mezei Réka Sára
Pospischil Mercédesz
Rab Krisztián
Ramocsa Szonja Mariann
Somorjai Anna Borbála
Szikora Dániel
Tóth-Birtan Adrienn
Városi Rebeka
Volyák Zsófia