Iranian director Abouzar Soltani not allowed to attend premiere

Fish, a short film directed by Abouzar Soltani premieres at 18:15, November 14, in Toldi in the frame of the Growing Up section at 16th Verzió.

Abouzar Soltani and his 10-year-old son, Armin left Iran three and a half years ago. They are currently detained in a transit zone for asylum seekers at the southern border of Hungary. Their application for a refugee status was refused, and the case is represented by the Hungarian Helsinki Committee. Abouzar, who learned filmmaking from Afghan filmmaker Hassan Fazili, used his mobile camera to capture the lost childhood of his son, and the child's imagination that goes beyond hardwires and boundaries and created a dream world on his own. 

Since they are not allowed to leave the transit zone, Soltani is unable to attend the premiere of his film tonight. 

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