Freedom of Speech and Thought

19 November 2020 - 8:00PM to 9:30PM

The courts, like offices of state bureaucracy, constantly record the gray, everyday life of the state. The documents of a showcase lawsuit, and in particular, its submissions, are exciting resources for an audience interested in the intricacies of state operation. Documentary is a visual genre: why make a documentary from an audio recording of an objective archive? And how does animation fit in such a film alongside interviews with the survivors of the “big generation”? What can Nelson Mandela's lawsuit tell us about Hungary?

Ibolya Fekete, documentary film director
Katalin Orbán, associate profession, ELTE Media and Communication Department
Anna Ida Orosz, animation film historian, Hungarian Film Archive

Moderator: Renáta Uitz, lawyer, Head of CEU Legal Department, Director of the Comparative Constitutional Law program, curator of the In the name of Justice section

The discussion is in Hungarian. 

The presentation of The State Against Mandela and the Others is supported by the French Institute.