We Stand With Ukraine

We share the solidarity and support expressed by the Hungarian Documentary Association (HDA) to all citizens of Ukraine. The war launched by Russia’s authoritarian leader is targeting innocent people, shattering lives, families and destroying all democratic endeavors. Among the civilians hiding in the shelters are our documentary film colleagues who have dedicated their lives to showing the world the Ukrainian people, their culture, their thoughts and their concerns. Now, like everyone else, their lives are in danger. Due to the blocking of the independent media, and the lies of the Russian propaganda channels it would be more important than ever to be able to listen to their voice. 

We also would like to raise attention to civilians in Belarus and Russia who stand up against the war, who are taken to prison because they are brave enough to fight their own leaders. We feel sympathy for every citizen, who has to live and work under threat from their own regime.

It is most important that we don’t let dictatorial political leaders isolate its citizens from each other who believe and work for democracy.

If you’d like to offer technical assistance to crews filming in the war zone, please contact HDA at email@madoke.hu.

You can donate to filmmakers in the war zone here.

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee has collected important information for those who are fleeing to our country.

Ukrainian filmmakers' messages to the world:

Iryna Tsilik, director of The Earth is Blue as an Orange, a film that won Special mention at Verzió in 2020.

Darya Bassel, producer and our collague at the Ukrainian International Human Rights Documentary Festival, Docudays UA.

Oleg Sentstov, Ukrainian film director, protagonist of The Trial, winner of the Sakharov prize for freedom of thought:

Ukrainian and Russian filmmakers stand together for peace: