Crisis Without Borders

12 November 2022 - 5:00PM to 6:30PM
Toldi - Big Hall
The event will be
in English

International Organizations and the War in Ukraine

The panel introduces the work of Ukrainian NGOs and international organizations following the full-scale Russian military invasion in Ukraine. What can help effective cooperation of international organizations, civil society and the state institutions to overcome the negative consequences of war for Europe and the world.

Muriel Tschopp (Senior Operations Coordinator, UNHCR - Central Europe)
Maria Kurinna (International Advocacy Chief of the Human Rights Centre ZMINA, Ukraine)
Pilar Gonzalez (UNICEF Emergency Coordinator for the Ukraine Refugee Response in Hungary)
Dániel Bagaméri (Head of Office, IOM Hungary)

Moderator: Ksenya Shymanska (Head of the Human Rights Department of NGO Docudays)

Online introductory statement: Oleksandr Pavlichenko (Ukrainian Helsinki Committee)

The discussion, and the Solidarity UA section of the Festival is supported by the European Cultural Foundation. More info about the films: