Vektor VR

9 November 2022 - 4:00PM to 9:00PM
(The event will be
in English)

Virtual reality technologies enable viewers to experience situations outside of their daily lives. They can put themselves in situations that represent a sense of liminality through new stories, perspectives, or by experiencing previously unknown states of mind. We have selected both 360 VR videos and interactive VR experiences to explore the specific capabilities of each format. In this year’s selection, Vektor teleports its visitors to a variety of situations and presents perspectives that can be encountered more passively via 360 VR videos, or more actively via interactive VR applications. We have included productions that show how women can find themselves in vulnerable situations without access to help; or how various states of mental health can be presented in a novel way, giving the experiencer new sensorial knowledge about others. We highlight how the viewer’s presence is illusionary, like the eye of the voyeur, or an invisible camera, but can be made visible. Overall, with the help of this immersive medium, we aim to draw attention to contemporary societal issues by offering new perspectives on the situation of marginalized individuals.