Documentary Screenings at Sziget Festival

As a tradition we like to bring documentary films to all sorts of cultural festivals during the summer, because it is a good opportunity to meet young people who are open to learn about the world and discuss important issues impacting our lives.

During the Sziget Festival, in a cooperation with Milestone Institute and Future:Hungary, five documentary films will be screened at the Think for Tomorrow venue.

Think for Tomorrow is a new venue at Sziget: Sziget citizens are welcome to think, discuss, debate, and create art together before the party in the evening. Here you can refresh your body and mind. Sziget is not only for losing yourself to the music, you can also find inspiration to engage with the burning issues of the 21st century. There will be internationally renowned speakers, some of the best in their fields, every day for a week.

All programs are in English.

The detailed program can be found here.

Films screened from the Verziotheque catalogue:

August 10, 8:30pm I am Greta

August 10, 10:15pm The Time of Forests

August 11, 8:30pm Matangi / Maya / MIA

August 15, 8:40pm Try Harder!

August 15, 10:10pm Ukraine: Overcoming the Darkness

Full film program: