Selected projects of the Verzió DocLab

DocLab is an international documentary workshop for directors and producers, organized during the Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Budapest on November 10-12, 2021. Our focus in 2021 is distribution.

The workshop provides three days of individual tutoring and masterclasses by world-class distributors, producers, and marketing experts. The selected project teams are invited to work on their distribution strategy and marketing at the production, or post-production phase of their film with our outstanding mentors, Christine Camdessus, Leena Pasanen and Stefano Tealdi. In the framework of the DocLab masterclasses, we provide deep insight into the current film market and new tools to target and attract a wider audience internationally. The winner of the Verzió DocLab will be pitched at Bio to B – Industry Days during the 18th Biografilm edition, which will take place on 10–20 June 2022.

Selected projects are: 

Requiem to Hot Days of Summer
Director: Giorgi Parkosadze, producer: Tamta Tvalavadze
Mother and Son – unbreakable bond defined by the invisible burden of care, silence, tenderness and solitude in an isolated remote mountainous gorge. But what happens when a third person - a young lady - appears in the harmony of their peaceful life?

Expedition 49
Director: Alisa Kovalenko (Ukraine), producer: Stéphane Siohan (France/Ukraine), co-producers: Valery Kalmykov (Ukraine), Tomek Morawski (Poland) 
Five Ukrainian teenagers were suffocating in their little grey dying towns in Donbas, between the rumble of the war and the collapse of their fathers’ coal mines. One day, they’re given a unique chance to break free, when an old famous explorer takes them on a therapy journey to the Himalayas. The 49th expedition.

Mountains and Heaven in Between
Director: Dmytro Hreshko, producer: Polina Herman
While the whole world has stopped during the coronavirus pandemic, the residents of the Kolochava Transcarpathian mountain village are living their normal lives. Only ambulance workers know what is really going on…

Me & Her
Director and producer: Ahmed Fouad Ragab, co-director: Eldar Basmanov
Me & Her is a personal documentary about a 21-year-old film student who is planning to visit his grandmother in Russia who doesn’t know that her beloved  granddaughter has changed her identity and is now living as a man.

I Haven't Died 
Director: Asia Dér, producers: Noémi Szakonyi, Máté Vincze, Krisztina Meggyes
A successful, middle aged gallery owner attempts to find his true needs while facing pancreatic cancer. Through his intimate story the film also portrays the existential struggle of the modern world.   

Cabin Pressure
Directors: Sára Czira, Eszter Nagy, producer: Patricia D’Intino
Heni is afraid of running out of time: she is 35, beautiful, successful in her job, but she is lonely. She is ready to give up her dreams of a perfect family, but not ready to give up motherhood. When she decides to take action, an incredible journey begins.