Tamás Barta - Hurry, Mom's Waiting at Home

Barta Tamás - Siess haza, vár a mama
history & memory
Eszter Hajdú
Hungary, USA
English, Hungarian
English & Hungarian Subtitles
Hungarian Competition

Tamás Barta, of the Hungarian band Locomotive GT, is regarded as one of the most legendary Hungarian rock guitarists. In 1974, at the peak of his career, Barta surprised his friends and family when he did not return to Hungary after the band's tour in the USA. Separated from her only son, his mother, Edit, led a lonely life and never stopped waiting for his return. For several years, Edit and Tamás sent cassettes of taped audio messages to each other between the USA and Hungary. Their frank, and at times heated, conversations reveal the differences between Edith’s life behind the iron curtain, and Barta’s new American life in Los Angeles: one bound to the idea of communism, the other bewitched by the American dream.

Sándor Mester
Bence Bartos
Vadim Aynbinder
Zoltán Honti
István Szőnyi
Elliott Cuff
Tad Chamberlain
Ferenc Gerendai
Péter Nagy
Sándor Mester
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