We Hold the Line

We Hold the Line
freedom of speech
women in film
Marc Wiese
English, Tagalog
English & Hungarian Subtitles
In the Name of Justice

Maria Ressa and her co-journalists persist like sentries during the worst of Duterte’s dictatorship in the Philippines. There are no checks and balances left to control the president, who openly commits and incites violence, and whose “war on drugs” relies entirely on police and military forces. Ressa, whom the government has repeatedly attempted to incarcerate, leads the team at Rappler, a news portal, and has recently gained worldwide popularity as an uncompromising and fearless journalist. Despite being constant targets, she and her editorial office refuse to surrender or fall silent, but remain to fight against the lies and violence. The film captures their struggles, and even confronts some of the assassins at large.

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Oliver Stoltz
Mark Schubert
Lutz Reitemeier
Alva Noto
Ruichi Sakamoto
Hannes Bieber
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Dreamer Joint Venture Filmproduktion GmbH
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Magnetfilm Frauke Knappke frauke.knappke@magnetfilm.de https://www.magnetfilm.de
CPH:DOX 2020 F:ACT Award winner