Verzió DocLab: Call for applications


Apply for the Verzió DocLab international documentary workshop on story development and editing. 

Submit your application on the Verzió DocLab website

The 9th Verzió DocLab is a 5-day intensive editing workshop for directors and editors, organised during the 21st Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Budapest on November 5-9, 2024. The focus of the Verzió DocLab workshop is story development and editing. With the guidance of international mentors you will work on your documentary project’s story, and edit a selected scene that you will present at the end of the workshop in front of an audience of festival programmers, sales agents and producers. Verzió DocLab is looking for projects by first or second time feature directors! 

The workshop will aim to guide you to reach the artistic and cinematic potential of your project. With Verzió DocLab you can have your voice heard and reach an impact within the industry as a visual storyteller. Find the core of your story you want to tell!

The workshop is a platform for first or second-time feature filmmakers. You can apply with production phase projects intended to be mid-length or feature-length documentaries. We are looking for projects that are 50-80% ready, and already have some exemplary footage, and it is acceptable if you plan to continue shooting. 

Verzió DocLab is powered by DOC AROUND EUROPE and as a member of the network, we are looking for projects by directors or producers from/based in the following countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, South Tyrol, Spain, France, Hungary.

In solidarity with filmmakers from Ukraine and Georgia, the 9th Verzió DocLab also welcomes applications from these countries. 

An international team of directors, scriptwriters, editors, and programming experts will help six selected project teams in search of a clearer dramaturgical structure for their documentary films. The workshop seeks to define, develop and strengthen the key narrative elements of the film projects with the guidance of such outstanding mentors as Réka Lemhényi (HU), Jesper Jack (DK) and Anna Kis (HU). At Verzió DocLab you work on a selected scene with the help of our excellent mentors. During the 5-day intensive programme you will be working in groups, have one-on-one meetings, and receive individual tutoring. At the end of the workshop, you will introduce your project to sales agents, and festival selectors as part of an exclusive presentation at Verzió DocLab Pitch. As a result you will not only have professional guidance for your upcoming post-production period, but also an experience in pitching which can be later used for fundraising and further development of the project. 

The participation is free of charge and comes with a full festival accreditation. Travel costs are covered by Verzió up to 200 EUR/person and Verzió provides accommodation for each participant for the time of the workshop. 

To find out the details and submit your application, please visit the Verzió DocLab website at

Deadline for applications: 9 September, 2024 CET Midnight


Cover photo: Verzió DocLab workshop participants in 2023 (photo: Jennifer Varga)