Exhibition: Migration to Europe

November 4-16, CEU (1051 Budapest, Nádor St. 9)

The Czech Council on International Relations invited students of art schools to an international competition for the best poster on “Migration to Europe: Can it Work for Development?” in 2010. Students of 23 art schools from Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Poland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia expressed their opinions about various aspects of migration in the competition. The poster format enabled them to integrate emotions and multiple visual images into one whole. The topic remains highly relevant today. As Karel Míšek, one of the organizers, wrote: “Young graphic designers are able to express themselves clearly on this topic through the poster medium which, as we know, goes well with burning social issues.”                                             

Supported by Czech Centre in Budapest, Hungary, in cooperation with the Center for Arts and Culture, CEU. The exhibit complements the special focus of Verzio 12 Human Rights Documentary Film Festival on the refugee crisis: Moving Subjects: Screening the Refugee Crisis.


The program was supported by the Czech Center in Budapest