Student Jury

Lauren Hosp

Lauren Hosp is currently pursuing a M.A. in Public Policy at Central European University. She graduated from Colorado College in International Political Economy and focused on studying democratic transitions in post-Soviet states. Previously, Lauren worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine, a recruiter for the Future Exchange Leaders Program in Kazakhstan, and a freelance writer in Germany. During her time abroad, Lauren helped monitored the first Parliamentary election for Ukraine’s new government and directed conferences on youth leadership in Ukraine. 

Jana Hrckova

Jana Hrckova is a PhD student at the department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at Central European University, with special focus on urban anthropology. Prior to arriving to Budapest, she studied in Prague, where she mostly worked on topics linked to ethnicity and identity. She also engaged in a number of human rights projects and initiatives, mostly focusing on social and environmental rights. She is interested in exploring visual methods in her anthropological work and in documentary filmmaking.

Jordan Skinner

Jordan Skinner is a student in the Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies M.A. program at Central European University. He has previously been trained in Philosophy and Late Antiquity. In Budapest he is working with the Lukács Archívum to develop a project on contemporary relevance of the work of the Hungarian critic and philosopher György Lukács.