Top audience rated Verzio films
Judgement in Hungary (Hungary)
Dr Lala (Hungary)
Sound of Torture (Israel)
Without a Chance (Hungary) 
Valley of Sighs (Romania)

The Student Jury awarded the best human rights documentary special award to Gerő Marcell's Cain's Children.
Special mentions: Evaporating Borders by Iva Radivojevic and Valley of Sighs directed by Mihai Andrei Leaha, Andrei Crişan, Iulia Hossu. Congratulations!

The 1000 USD Audience Award went to Eszter Hajdú's Judgment in Hungary.

Photographs by Jean Mohr
11-18 November, 2014. @ OSA Archivum, Budapest, V., Arany János utca 32.

Delivered by poet, writer Virág Erdős at the opening ceremony of Verzio 11 Festival in Toldi Cinema.

11 November 2014

Launching Event /// November 14, 2014 /// 4 pm /// OSA Archivum

Guest: Béla Tarr (film director, Film Factory, founding director)