Hungarian Panorama

Hungarian Landscape on Hungarian Camera

Without a Chance by Gábor István Takács and Ádám Surányi and Cain’s Children by Marcell Gerő are two films from this year’s Hungarian Panorama. The titles could be switched over or even given to most of the films in the program such as Judgment in Hungary, Their Skin Was Their Only Sin, or Hopes for Sale. Mainly because almost all of the films have similar themes of hopelessness, despair and a consequent murderous anger. If you want to have a scrutinizing look at the place you live in and can watch only one film (don’t watch only one though - watch all of them), sit through the 90 minutes of Without a Chance. It is about a country where destitution, starvation, police abuse, and raging racism lead to physical violence and threatens everyday existence. Only a few miles out of the downtown cinemas where Verzio films are screened there are places reminiscing the Third World. This is what the ethnographers of rural Hungary in the 1930s must have faced when seeing the poverty, frequent child death, abuse by gendarmes, the arrogance and ignorance of those in the upper echelons of society. “Worthless both as a gentleman and a Hungarian” wrote poet Endre Ady about a politician considered a hero today, and he could well write the same about his contemporary successors. 25 years ago, on the euphoric break of the regime change, it was unimaginable that we would recess to this condition. The only difference being that today it is people with cameras who walk the lands of misery and oppression, in the footsteps of the ethnographers of rural Hungary.

Nevertheless, a few of the films show that there is one thing that cannot be taken away from people: hope (Out of My Seven Lives Five Have Been Lost about a man losing one of his legs, and Dr. Lala, about a clown trying to brighten up a cancer patient small child). The happy laughter of the skinny, bald headed child teaches us that you can do something even in the most desperate situations: make a film or perform a handstand.

György Báron
curator of the Hungarian Panorama

All films are screened in original language with English subtitles except Felvidék.

Nov 13, 17:15
Nov 16, 16:00
Marcell Gerő | France & Hungary | 2014 | 104min | Hungarian
What happens to teenagers who committed a murder and spent most of their youth in jail? Fate, crime and punishment - 30 years later.
Nov 12, 19:30
Glória Halász | Hungary | 2014 | 57min | Hungarian
Entertaining and moving documentary about a "doctor clown" and his 12 years of work making sick children laugh.
Nov 15, 15:00
Cecília Felméri | Romania | 2012 | 52min | Romanian
Seven personal stories from seven Romanian women, all of whom escaped from sex trade slavery.
Nov 16, 15:00
Eszter Hajdú | Hungary | 2013 | 107min | Hungarian
167 days of the trial proceedings against four men charged with racially-motivated crimes against Roma. Crime and Punishment in Hungary.
One World Prague, Checz Republic, 2014 -BEST FILM AWARD
GoEast-Wiesbaden, Germany, 2014 -BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM AWARD
Nov 12, 19:30
András Nagy | Hungary | 2011 | 9min | Hungarian
During Hungary’s biggest environmental tragedy, Tibi Orsós helped wherever he could. He still does, lately with music.
Nov 12, 19:30
Alexandra Kinter | Hungary | 2011 | 11min | Hungarian
Tamás Dörnyei sings, plays the flute and piano, performs at home and abroad as the Parafonia Band's xylophonist. He also has Down's syndrome.
Nov 15, 13:00
Gergely Hajnal | Hungary | 2014 | 24min | Hungarian
The pulsating rhythm of samba triumphs over the illness that overturned everything. A musical portrait of the struggle to enjoy life.
Nov 12, 17:00
Dorottya Zurbó | Hungary | 2013 | 21min | Hungarian
He lives in a children’s home, his mother in a homeless shelter, yet they are inseparable. Moments from an intimate mother-son relationship.
Nov 12, 15:15
Ágota Varga | Hungary | 2013 | 64min | Hungarian
Portrait of a defining figure in the Socialist state security system's fight against "clerical reactionism:" personal testimonies, professional know-how, and coming face to face with former subjects of surveillance.
Nov 15, 19:30
András B. Vágvölgyi | Hungary | 2013 | 10min | Hungarian
Commemorating the victims of the 2008-2009 fatal attacks against Roma.
Nov 16, 13:30
István Gábor Takács | Hungary | 2013 | 89min | Hungarian
In-depth account of the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union’s (TASZ) experiences while working on their Roma program for the past three years.