Protest Waves

A new century brought new challenges to all forms of political regimes and new waves of popular unrest and confrontation from citizens who demand accountability and transparency from their leaders and the authorities. Powered by new technologies and driven by the growing unemployment, economic inequality, and dissatisfaction with the political elites, the Vox Populi finds new forms of expression. The recent waves of protest brought students, people from the middle class, pensioners, immigrants, and marginalized social groups into focus as the possible new driving forces of change. When taking to the streets, what are the motives and expectations of the people? The united protesting crowds are made up of unique individuals with very different understandings of the right path to a brighter future. Our program looks into the heated debates on the streets of Kiev, Egypt, Bucharest, and New York, in order to gain a more immediate understanding both of the power of joint resistance, and of the disillusionments which all too often follows the moments of great upheaval and high political hopes.

All films are screened in original language with English subtitles except Felvidék.

Nov 14, 20:45
Nov 15, 15:00
Volodymyr Tykhyi | Ukraine | 2014 | 60min | English & Ukrainian
A team of young Ukrainian filmmakers share their visions of the recent Ukrainian Revolution.
Nov 12, 19:15
Nov 13, 20:45
Nov 14, 17:00
Nov 15, 19:15
Riahi Brothers | Austria & Switzerland | 2013 | 110min | Spanish & Farsi & Arabic & Russian & English
What does the Occupy movement in New York have in common with the Spanish Indignados protests or the Arab Spring? Nonviolent resistance at a glance.
Audience Award, CPH:DOX 2013
Nov 13, 19:00
Nov 15, 21:15
Vlad Petri | Romania | 2014 | 80min | Romanian
23 years after the Romanian Revolution people are back on the streets of Bucharest, reclaiming public space.
Audience Award, European Film Festival, 2014