Discussions: Screening a Refugee Crisis

Probably 2015 will enter history books as a key year in international migration – and as a year of irresponsible talking. Some people are envisioning a great migration of the scale of the Huns, the Goths or the “homeland conquering” Hungarian tribes, no matter that today’s refugees and other migrants do not have any military or political goals. While the refugee policies of the various EU countries vary greatly, some speak about a single “Fortress Europe,” referencing Speer and Hitler’s war lies about Festung Europa, which had been used to justify the bloody killings of the WWII on the pretext of protecting civilization against the barbarians.

The refugees indeed are not barbarians, and we hope that we, Europeans, are not either. That is why we need to learn about each other as much as possible. This year Verzio puts the representation of the refugee crisis into the focus of attention, exploring how the power of images can shape opinions, challenge stereotypes, and call to action. On four occasions of festival screenings, Hungarian Helsinki Committee organizes follow-up debates with legal advisers, journalists, social scientists, filmmakers, and asylum seekers. Besides powerfully exposing the refugees’ turbulations, the films and debates examine how European societies cope with the new situation.


nov. 11. 18:00 /// Film: A Syrian Love Story

Discussion: Cursed Land: Why Syria?

Participants: Földes András (journalist, Index), Magyasz Róbert (Oriental studies), Iván Júlia (legal advisor, Hungarian Helsinki Committee)



nov. 12. 18:00 /// Film: LogBook Serbistan

Discussion: On the Road: Are Refugees Safe in Serbia?

Participants: Szerbhorváth György (writer), Gárdos Tódor (Amnesty International), Simon Ernő (UNHCR), Bakonyi Anikó (Project Manager, Hungarian Helsinki Committee)



nov. 13. 18:00 /// Films: ThoseMinor BorderAfghan Jungle

Discussion: Us and Them: Man is Wolf to Man?

Participants: Schweitzer András (journalist, historian), Krisztina Meggyes (film director), Lisbeth Kovacic (film director), Annastiina Kallius (anthropologist), Somogyvári Zoltán (legal advisor, Hungarian Helsinki Committee).



nov. 14. 18:00 /// Film: Those Who Feel the Fire Burning

Discussion: Lost Illusions: Practice vis-a-vis Morality in Managing the Refugee Crisis

Participants: Réti Pál (journalist, former Chief Editor of HVG), Ambrus Ágnes (UNHCR), Pardavi Márta (Co-President, Hungarian Helsinki Committee).



  Organized by Hungarian Helsniki Committee