Ticket Info

Festival pass: 5500 HUF / Available from November 6, 2017 in Toldi, Művész and Kino Cinemas.

The festival pass can be used for all the programs (Trafó, Toldi, Művész, Kino) except for the opening night, but a 0 HUF seat ticket for each films in the cinemas needs to be acquired, at the earliest one day before the screening.

Individual tickets: 1100 HUF

Tickets for programs in Trafó (opening night, Explore Impact masterclasses) are available at trafo.jegy.hu.

Cinema tickets are available from November 6, 2017 online at artmozi.hu and in the cinema cassas.

Programs in Blinken OSA Archive are free of charge (DocLab films screening, Spectrum of Communism conference, Photofilm conference – by pre-registration only).