Szegedi Verzió

Grand Café Mozi
November 23-25.

Grand Café Art Cinema & Café, established in Szeged in 1996, is run by the Kép-Szín- Ház Foundation. Grand Café not only screens art films, it is an important venue for the city’s literary and art life and has hosted a number of events linked to human rights and the social sciences in recent years. We are happy to screen the documentaries of the Verzio Film Festival for a second year: they are at home with us.

November 23.
17:00 Iborfia + Girl-harted* + LEAVE/STAY: Sweet Home
         + Discussion: Erdélyi Eszter, media teacher

November 24.
14:00 My Secret Forest
15:00 Cameraperson
17:00 City of Ghosts*
          + Discussion: Kékesi Márk Zoltán, sociologist and associate at MigSzol
19:00 Prison Sisters*
          + Discussion: Lengyel Zoltán, writer
21:00 City of the Sun

November 25.
14:00 Kanzoli
16:00 Last Men in Aleppo*
18:00 Tarzan's Testicles
20:00 Nowhere to Hide*
22:00 Small Talk
          + Discussion: Erzsébet Barát, assistant professor of the Gender Studies MA Program at the University of Szeged

Films are screened in original language with English subtitles.
* with Hungarian subtitle
6720 Szeged, Deák Ferenc u. 18.
Tel.: +36-62- 420-578