Alternative film poster exhibition

Poster art challenges the artist to compress an entire film into a single frame, to attract the attention of the target audience, to promote, to make viewers curious, and to heighten desire and emotions so these images continue to work on their intended audience. Besides short trailers, film posters are still the most important way to advertise movies, as well as film festivals.

Image and text interact in these posters, they mutually help and interpret each other while communicating with the viewers. 
The posters have great responsibility, especially in the case of documentary films that play a crucial role in getting to know our world and raising awareness of global issues. 

Verzió and Budapest Metropolitan University’s graphic design department have joined together this year to create a poster exhibition wherein students share their visualized reflections on select documentaries from the festival program. This unique exhibition will be hosted by the Red Cross’s recently opened café, Empathy Café.

The Empathy Café will host a number of Verzió programs; its layout making it an especially ideal venue for the collaborative poster exhibition. The posters will be on display throughout Verzio15.

Exhibiting artists: Zita Auffenberg, Ágnes Demeter, Fanni Hargitai, Hajnalka Hodász, Mónika Hollósy, Mónika Győrfi, Áron Huszlicska, Zsófia Károsi, Tímea Kőszegi, Gita Krasznai, Laura Lőrinczy, Bence Orosz, Gergő Osgyán, Máté Osvald, Fanni Sipos, Bálint Tormási, Tamara Urbán, Regina Vitányi, Mercédesz Vörös, and Eszter Zsigmond.

Thanks to:
Krzysztof Ducki and Ferenc Tepes, tutors of the graphic design class
Gabriella Uhl, head of the design and art management department
Empathy Café crew