The Dazzling Light of Sunset

Daisis Miziduloba
Media, the 4th Estate
Salomé Jashi
Georgia, Germany

Dariko and Kakha are an ultra-low-budget news team at a local television station in rural Georgia. They prepare an endless stream of reports to cover current, local events: an owl capture, a beauty pageant, approaching elections and the death of a local hero. While receiving vague threats from politicians to coerce favorable coverage, and criticism from the community for not covering corruption enough, the two find themselves forced to search for funding to support their broadcasts. Director Salome Jashi’s static camera captures the emotionless choreography of these ceremonies in wide-angle shots, in contrast with the dynamic panning of the small camera held by a television reporter whose energetic activities keep the local television station going. The result is an observational tragicomedy that reveals a country in perpetual transition.

11.13. Wednesday 16:30
Művész - Huszárik
English Subtitle
11.16. Saturday 20:30
Művész - Huszárik
English Subtitle
Urte Amelie Fink
Salomé Jashi
Gregor Streiber
Derek Howard
Salomé Jashi
David Sikharulidze
Ivane Gvaradze
Giorgi Khancheli
Production info: 
sakdoc film, inselfilm produktion
Distribution info: 
Syndicado, Aleksandar Govedarica,, 121 Beaconsfield Avenue, #300 Toronto ON Canada M6J 3J5, 917-651-2589 or (725) 222-9383,
Visions du Réel 2016 - World Premiere
Regard Neuf 2016 - Main Prize in International Competition for first feature films
Jihlava IDFF 2016 - Best Central and Easter European Film and Best Debut Documentary