The Gleaners and I

Les glaneurs et la glaneuse
Agnés Varda

Searching for gleaners who live on discarded food, Agnès Varda comes upon the most remarkable people. A bartender recalls how she used to gather the grain that was left after the harvest, as nothing should be wasted. People visit winegrowers to take home the scraps that weren't gathered during the grape picking. A chef with a Michelin star treats food with great respect and can often be found in the hills, gathering ripe fruit and fresh herbs that he uses in his kitchen the same day. At the same time, potato growers throw away piles of large or malformed spuds while a number of dumpster divers find great food in the trash restaurants thrown away. Varda films them playfully and affectionately, and doesn't mind getting sidetracked when she encounters something interesting. Her delightfully meandering approach turns the film into something of a disguised self-portrait. After all, filming is gleaning, too.

11.14. Thursday 18:30
Kino - Small Hall
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