Helsinki Discussions

November 9th /// 6-8.30 pm Toldi Big Hall
Film: Walls (Israel, France / 2015 / 85')
Issue: The renaissance of the iron curtain. Can walls exclude problems?
Guests: Margit Feischmidt antropologist & Márta Pardavi co-director of Helsinki Committee
Moderator: Pál Réti, former chief editor of HVG magazine

November 10th /// 6.15-8.45 pm Toldi Small Hall
Film: The Invisibles (Germany / 2014 / 78’)
Issue: Not evidence, probability. What kind of client is an asylum seeker?
Guests: Andrea Märcz, associate at Menedék Migrant Solidarity Group & Zoltán Somogyvári, lawyer of Hungarian Helsinki Committee
Moderator: Zsolt Zádori - Hungarian Helsinki Committee, press

November 11th /// 6-8.30 pm Toldi Small Hall
Films: The Empty Room (France & Belgium / 2016 / 58') and Bunkers (Switzerland / 2016 / 14')
Issue: Muslim Europeans, European Muslims. When do unpredictable strangers become nice citizens?
Guests: Róbert Manyasz orientalist & András Dési, journalist at former Népszabadság magazine
Moderator: Zsolt Zádori - Hungarian Helsinki Committee, press