Beautiful Things

Our Earth: Breaking Limits
Giorgio Ferrero
Federico Biasin
English, German, Tagalog, Italian

Van is a maintenance man on an oil rig in Texas. Danilo is the chief engineer of a freighter, spending his days in the heart of the vessel, where a humongous engine resides. Andrea is a scientist who lives in the world of mathematical formulae, and the silence of an anechoic chamber. Vito is in charge of an immense reinforced concrete pit for waste. These people comprise the sequence of creation, transport, marketing and destruction of the objects that feed our bulimic lifestyle. The objects we think we need begin and end their journey inside isolated and eerie industrial and scientific locations. They are an ordinary couple in their forties, spending their life accumulating things to the point of saturation. Today they are looking for a way out. They are us.

11.08. Thursday 17:30
English & Hungarian Subtitles
11.10. Saturday 16:00
English & Hungarian Subtitles
Giorgio Ferrero
Federico Biasin
Enrico Aleotti
Filippo Vallegra
Federico Biasin
Giorgio Ferrero
Rodolfo Mongitore
Giorgio Ferrero
Rodolfo Mongitore
Production info: 
Venice Biennale & Mybosswas
Distribution info: 
Filmotor, Michaela Cajkova, Kaprova 42/14, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic, Telephone: +420721006421,,
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2018
Sydney Film Festival 2018
Taipei Film Festival 2018
New Horizons IFF 2018
DokuFest 2018
74th Venice Film Festival, Best Italian Film from the Arca Jury (under 26)
CPH:DOX, Copenhagen, Next:Wave Award (Best First Feature)
Salina International Documentary Festival, Special Mention of the Jury