Satellite Verzió - Pécs

Apolló Cinema - Organizing the 12th Verzió in Pécs

9-12 November, 2022

The "Apollo Projectograph" opened in 1912, the first permanent cinema in Pécs, and the first sound film theatre in the country built specifically for cinema. After a hiatus around the turn of the millennium, it reopened its doors in 2004, significantly restructured in its current function as the only arthouse cinema in the region. Since 2014 it has been run as a free, independent, public benefit, local non-profit foundation. During this time, it has grown into one of the city's most popular alternative cultural venues.

As an attitude-shaper, the cinema must also take responsibility for raising public awareness of the economic, ecological and social issues of our time, in addition to promoting culture. Its role is not only to entertain, but also to present alternatives and new perspectives, to promote critical thinking and to use the art of cinema to question the current social order and to imagine better worlds. 

Through our events and meetings, we aim to create a space for genuine dialogue. Discourse is not just an exchange of information: it strengthens solidarity, helps to understand the causes of social phenomena, inequalities and injustices, reveals the systems of oppression, and has a community-building power - whether it is about the oppression of minorities or women, or the exploitation of nature. These issues have been a priority for decades in the production of our cinema programme. 

Our programmes are always the result of an editorial selection process, with no one interfering in our decisions. In the European arthouse tradition, our films are internationally acclaimed, outstanding works by prominent directors and landmark works by local filmmakers. Our selection is rounded off with current documentaries, art education films and films from the most distant countries of the film world. 

Apollo is a member of Europa Cinemas Network, the Art-Mozi Association and the National Association of Cinemas. 

Our cooperating partners are the Emberség Erejével Alapítvány, the Szépírók Társaság and the University of Pécs.

9 Nov, Wednesday

5.30 pm Prayer for the Weary + It has passed, and it's fine + Khan's Flesh

6.30 pm Away + Boney Piles

7.30 pm Little Palestine


10 Nov, Thursday

5 pm Far Eastern Golgotha

5.30 pm Bigger Than Trauma

7 pm F@ck This Job

Our guests are Dr. Margit Feischmidt, Professor - Department of Communication and Media Studies, PTE-BTK and András Rácz, Analyst - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswartige Politik (DGAP), with whom András Nyirati, human rights expert and director of the Foundation for the Power of Humanity will be in conversation.

7.30 pm Retrograde


11 Nov, Friday

5 pm All that Breathes

5.30 pm KIM - The film is introduced by Katalin Aknai, Art Historian - PTE Faculty of Arts, Department of Art History.

7 pm The Killing of a Journalist

7.30 pm The North Drift


12 Nov, Saturday

5 pm The Territory

5.30 pm Midwives

7 pm Howling Like We Do - Our guests are Asia Dér, the director of the film, and Balázs Domokos, the cinematographer, in conversation with József Keresztesi, writer and critic.

7.30 pm The Conductor


TICKETS: 1000 HUF / screening

We reserve the right to change the programme.

7621 Pécs, Perczel Miklós u. 22.
Tel.: +36-30- 654-1719