Tickets & Venues

Festival pass: 6000 HUF

Available from 27 October 2022, in Toldi, Művész, and Kino Café cinemas.

A festival pass can be used for 5 screenings. One ticket per screening can be reserved in  advance at Toldi, Művész, and Kino Café. The festival pass is not valid for the Opening Night at Trafó. 

Festival passes cannot be used to make reservations online. Instead, from 27 October, a no-cost seat ticket can be requested ahead of the screening at the cinema box office.

Ticket: 1800 HUF

Tickets are available from 27 October at Toldi, Művész, and Kino Café Cinema ticket offices, and online at,, and

Discount ticket: 1300 HUF

Discount tickets can be purchased at cinema box offices for those over 65, or with a valid student or teacher ID. Discount tickets can be purchased online by selecting the student ticket option.

Solidarity ticket: 1800 Ft 

Buy a ticket at the box office and leave it with us, so we can give it to those who would like to attend a screening, but cannot afford to buy a ticket! After giving the solidarity ticket to the info desk, you will receive a surprise gift from us.

Trafó x Opening Night: 2500 Ft

Tickets for the Opening Night at Trafó are available at and at Trafó’s cashier desk. 

Free programs:

Programs at CEU and Eötvös10 are free of charge.



Trafó: Budapest IX., Liliom u. 41. /// tel.: +361 456 2040

Toldi Mozi: Budapest V., Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 36–38. /// tel.: +36 1 224-5650

Művész Mozi: Budapest VI., Teréz krt. 30. /// tel.: +361 459 5050

Kino Café Mozi: Budapest XIII., Szent István krt. 16. /// tel.: +361 224 5650

CEU – Nádor 15: Budapest V., Nádor u. 15., 1st floor, room 103

Eötvös10: Budapest VI., Eötvös u. 10. 

Edith Bár: Budapest VI., Nagymező u. 25.


Safe ticket purchase

Please note that only passes and tickets purchased from the cinemas' website and ticket offices are guaranteed to be valid. To avoid any inconvenience, we suggest buying tickets to our screenings via our/the cinemas' website or at the cinemas' cashier desks.