DocPro MasterClasses

Bernadette Wegenstein - Global Feminist Filmmaking
A Theory and Practice Workshop

11 November 2022 - 4:00PM
Venue: CEU - Nádor u. 15., 103.
(The event will be in English)

This workshop features some of the recent and older film work by Bernadette Wegenstein, including the hybrid documentary Devoti tutti, a feminist intervention into the violent myth of Saint Agatha, currently in post-production; some scenes from the breast cancer documentary, The Good Breast, showcasing a feminist reading of how US beauty culture mixes in with breast cancer culture; finally, Bernadette will share some scenes from her new film project in development, A Sweet Secret, about a forgotten Jewish comedy from pre-Holocaust Vienna. The filmmaker will compare some of her own film strategies and approaches to story-telling with other examples from global feminist filmmakers from her recent anthology, Radical Equalities and Global Feminist Filmmaking.