Where Are We Headed?

For twenty years, Verzió has presented human dignity and common social issues through international and Hungarian documentary films. This year’s theme is “Where are We Headed?”. 

Documentary films heighten our emotional engagement with their protagonists, and help us reflect on the many ways of seeing the world. This year’s films continue the tradition of provoking contemplation about the future, the human values we wish to preserve, and the things we would like to change. Knowing the past and understanding the present, we can better grasp where we are headed and contribute to navigating the path. 

The 20th anniversary edition of Verzió offers an incredibly diverse program, taking viewers on a virtual journey, with the help of more than 80 films. The films will be screened in 5 competition categories and 7 thematic sections, and there will also be a variety of industry programs, discussions, Q&As, exhibitions, and concerts. 

Join us in cinemas between 22–29 November. The festival’s online film library, Verziotheque, will be open from 30 November to 10 December, for those who prefer to join the 20th Verzió online. 


Verzió Film Festival is organized by the nonprofit Verzió Film Foundation and Blinken OSA Archivum.