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We have exciting professional programmes lined up for this year! Masterclasses will be given by Réka Lemhényi, editor, Alexandru Solomon, director and Jannik Splidsboel from the Swedish Film Institute. We will talk about documentary trends with recognized industry professionals, mental health of directors, experimental approaches to documentary filmmaking, and present the film projects developed at the 8th Version DocLab workshop.

DocPro programmes are free but registration is required. You can register your interest on the brand new Visitors' page of the Verzió by simply registering. You can create a Visitor account by linking to your gmail account or by creating a new account.

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23 November - 2:30PM

Documentary Editing: The Editor as Stalker

Réka Lemhényi worked with famous directors as editor, among them with Academy Award-winner István Szabó or Jerzy Skolimowski.  This year as one of the mentors at Verzió DocLab, she is giving a masterclass on editing.  The question "Where are we headed?" is one all filmmakers ask themselves,  scratching their head within their editing caves as working on their vision. As Réka shares her approach towards the art of editing documentary, she might just help us answer that question and show us how to be Stalkers within our own films.

"Every film has its own universe, a terra incognita even for an experienced editor. It needs to be explored, respected, conquered, understood and loved. I am inspired by film projects where the editor is a stalker, a pathfinder in Tarkovsky's interpretation. The film material is a living organism full of treasures, traps, difficulties and trials waiting to be discovered."

23 November - 3:00PM
Corvin - Latabár

Does anyone care about the filmmaker's soul? What are we sacrificing for the film industry? Does it matter how we treat each other while shooting? What are the emotional difficulties a documentary filmmaker faces? We will explore the psychological challenges, emotional difficulties, moral and ethical issues that the filmmakers participating in this festival have faced in filmmaking. Bernadett Tuza-Ritter, director and mental health professional, will lead the discussion with Lia Lőrinczy, Lea Glob, and Lina (who chose to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of her film).

24 November - 2:00PM

Where’s the North Headed?

The masterclass is inspired by the main theme of the festival: Where Are We Headed? What are the latest trends in telling our stories? How can our films find an audience? And is it time to rethink the genre? Jannik Splidsboel will share clips from a few of his own films, as well as new films that he has supported as commissioning editor.

24 November - 3:30PM

The Possibilities of Performative Documentaries

Romanian director Alexandru Solomon is an important contemporary exponent of performative documentary. Through his documentary Arsenie. An Amazing Afterlife, also included in this year’s Verzió program, he tells the story of the relationship between reality and fiction, and between actors and creators.

24 November - 4:30PM
Corvin - Latabár

Tracing Concealed Hospital-Acquired Infections

The screening will be followed by a discussion with Máté Fuchs, Máté Kőrösi, Kamilla Marton, and Zsuzsanna Wirth about the documentary, which follows Direkt36 journalists' investigation into hospital infections in Hungary.

25 November - 11:00AM
Blinken OSA

Where is the documentary film genre heading, what trend is the profession currently being defined as? Festival directors and distributors talk about contemporary documentary film.

25 November - 12:30PM
Blinken OSA

The heads of European film institutes talk about documentary film financing possibilities.

25 November - 2:00PM
Blinken OSA

In this roundtable discussion, we will scrutinize why and how creators, particularly filmmakers, may choose VR as a medium for documentaries. We will examine this from the perspectives of filmmakers, animators, university educators, photographers, and technical producers. This multiperspectivity is crucial, as adapting to VR often requires a reevaluation of traditional documentary techniques to fully harness VR's capabilities. We will compare personal experiences by looking at the unique characteristics of VR as a medium, including interactive storytelling, 360-degree visuals, and the viewer's sense of agency, to the traditional film format and we will also offer a consideration how this format can be more supported in higher education.

25 November - 4:00PM
Blinken OSA

Public Presentation of the projects of the 8th Verzió DocLab

The 7 projects of Verzió DocLab documentary development workshop present themselves. They showcase their film projects and the scenes they have worked on with the guidance of the mentors of DocLab to an industry panel and the audience. After the presentation, the industry panel reveal the award winners Verzió DocLab during the DocLab / DocPro Guests meets Guests event.