Réka Lemhényi's Masterclass

Documentary Editing: The Editor as Stalker

Réka Lemhényi worked with famous directors as editor, among them with Academy Award-winner István Szabó or Jerzy Skolimowski.  This year as one of the mentors at Verzió DocLab, she is giving a masterclass on editing.  The question "Where are we headed?" is one all filmmakers ask themselves,  scratching their head within their editing caves as working on their vision. As Réka shares her approach towards the art of editing documentary, she might just help us answer that question and show us how to be Stalkers within our own films.

"Every film has its own universe, a terra incognita even for an experienced editor. It needs to be explored, respected, conquered, understood and loved. I am inspired by film projects where the editor is a stalker, a pathfinder in Tarkovsky's interpretation. The film material is a living organism full of treasures, traps, difficulties and trials waiting to be discovered."

23 November - 2:30PM
The event will be
in English