Human Rights at a festival?

Watch the videos we shot at Sziget Festival on our YOUTUBE channel!

We interviewed the Szitizens of the 25th Sziget Festival with a group of enthusiastic young editors, cinematographers and reporters. We were curious what is the relationship of the young festival visitors to their fellow citizens, what they think about documentaries or how they take part in the protection of human rights in everyday life. 

The participants of the project were selected based on their previous work experience, but we were mostly looking for university students with editing, cinematographic and reporter skills, young talents at the beginning of their career.

After a successful open call and selection round we asked the participants to interview the Szitizens and make short videos that are swift, colorful and joyful, but the exact concept and script was left for them to be decided.

The finished films are being uploaded to our Facebook and Youtube channels with the title "Human Rights at a festival?".

We would like to thank the participants and Sziget Festival that this pilot project could have been realized.

Videos were made by: 

Nóra Holub - Dániel Pálfi 

Kilián Bognár - Edit Pálvölgyi 

Lajos Bandor - Zsuzsanna Jolán Nyiri 

Chrystyan Romero - Anna Orosz 

Viktor Balázs - Tamás Misik 

Dániel Eszter - Kata Zsák 

Gábor Balázs - Aliz Bátor - Tamás Misik