Watch online: Doc-Pro discussions

Verzió 15 hosted three panel discussions with the participation of directors, producers and distributors from Hungary and 8 other countries. We tried to cover the most important questions, as well as bigger trends and developments in the documentary industry, while offering industry members the chance to meet and exchange ideas.

Two of the discussions have been recorded and can be viewed online, follow the links below:

November 8, 2018 - Co-productions: Possibilities and Challenges 

  • Brigid O'Shea (head of Dok Industry, DOKLeipzig), Germany
  • Rosie Garthwaite (producer, The Workers Cup, BBC), Great Britain
  • Patrick Hamm (producer, Bulldog Agenda), Germany
  • Julianna Ugrin, (producer, Éclipse Film), Hungary

The co-production possibilities for documentary filmmakers in Europe were discussed in this session. Experienced, creative producers shared their knowledge of building sustainable, international, and entrepreneurial partnerships. Every co-production is a new territory, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. However, invited experts provided helpful advice for orientation. The discussion was moderated by Diana Groó, (METU Film and Media Program), Hungary.

Watch the full session here.

November 9, 2018 - Documentary Films and Alternative Distribution Models

  • Aleksandar Govedarica (Syndicado Film Sales), Canada
  • Bohdan Blahovec (KineDok), Czech Republic
  • Gábor Böszörményi (Mozinet), Hungary
  • Péter Donáth (Elf Pictures), Hungary
  • Kata Orsolya Molnár (Soldivision), Hungary
  • Dorottya Székely (Dogwoof), United Kingdom

While documentary content is more popular and accessible than ever, the diverse and competitive marketplace is at times difficult to navigate. This session discussed the latest trends and developments in documentary distribution – focusing on the alternative and newly emerging models for bringing documentary films to the public. The moderator was Szabolcs Szirony (KineDok Hungary, Verzió).

Watch the full session here.