Myanmar Diaries

Myanmar Diaries
The Netherlands, Myanmar, Norway
Hungarian Premiere
International Competition
The Myanmar Film Collective
Production info: 
ZIN Documentary
Distribution info: 
Autlook Stephanie Fuchs
Festivals and Awards: 
Berlinale 2022 Best Documentary & Amnesty International Award
One World 2022 Best Director Award

An anonymous group of filmmakers, the Myanmar Film Collective, reveals the realities of life since February 1, 2021, when the country’s military overthrew the civilian government. Under military rule, the Myanmar media was taken over, local and foreign journalists jailed, and internet communications repeatedly blocked. Myanmar Diaries is composed from a set of journalistic, raw, emotional, and creative short films smuggled out of the country and edited together to express one strong voice of resistance. An urgent look behind the headlines.


The Myanmar Film Collective is a group of anonymous young filmmakers in Myanmar, working with an anonymous group of European film professionals, who, as an act of creative resistance, are determined to continue making films in the aftermath of the military coup of 1 February.