Opening Film

Alisa Kovalenko • Ukraine, France, Poland • 2023 • 100min • in Ukrainian with English and Hungarian subtitles, in Ukrainian with English and Hungarian subtitles

In this seemingly bleak wartime setting, five teenagers ponder their future. They fully embrace the last golden hours of their childhood with energy, enthusiasm, and hope, despite their circumstances. The members of this imaginative band of dreamers take photographs, paint, and fantasize about becoming actors, or even the next Elon Musk. They rebel, ride waves of adventure, walk into minefields, and sunbathe at a local lake. They dream of escaping not only war, but – like teenagers all over the world –small-town boredom. Will their dream of conquering the world come true when an unexpected opportunity arises that could take them all the way to Nepal?

Crystal Bear and Best Documentary Nominee at Berlinale 2023, Best Director Award at One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2023, Best Film at DocuDays UA 2023