Verzió Docs at Sziget Festival

Film screenings at 25th Sziget Festival

August 12-14, 2017
Locations: Tent Without Borders, Magic Mirror

If you happen to visit Sziget Festival between August 12 and 14, don't miss out on the programs of Tent Without Borders, which are organized jointly by the Museum of Ethnography Budapest and Musée national de l'histoire de l'immigration, Paris.

The programs of the tent are focusing on immigration and integration, enrichened by the film screenings of award winning creative documentaries of Verzio, with a focus on refugee and roma integration.

Excellent audience favorites previously screened at Verzio IHRDFF will entertain those Szitizens who wish to spend a relaxing and meaningful afternoon:

August 12, Saturday - 3pm 

Tamás Almási / 2015 / Hungary / 85 min / Hungarian

Born in a remote Roma slum in Hungary, a talented young boy’s life changes when he gets accepted to the prestigious Snétberger Music Talent Camp. More about the film HERE. 

After the film Marie Poinsot, editor in chief of magazine Hommes et Migrations discusses the role of art in integration with Dugudus, French artist.

August 13, Sunday - 2pm

Benjamin Kahlmeyer / 2014 / Germany / 78 min / German / English and Hungarian subtitles

A rare insight into the black box of asylum law. Four asylum seekers' hope of a new start in Germany conflicts sharply with the reality of the bureaucratic decision-making process. More about the film HERE.

Krisztina Meggyes / 2015 / Hungary / 28 min / Hungarian / English subtitles

As a new refugee camp is established near Vámosszabadi in Hungary, the village is faced with questions of tolerance, fear of the unknown, migration and globalization. More about the film HERE.

Sean McAllister / 2015 / UK / 76 min / English / English and Hungarian subtitles

Filmed over 5 years, the film charts an incredible journey of Raghda's and Amer's hopes, dreams and despair: for the revolution, homeland and each other. More about the film HERE.

After the films Marie Poinsot, editor in chief of journal Hommes et Migrations discusses with Georg Hobmeier, game developer the topics of migration and social sensitization.

August 14, Monday - 2pm

Mona Nicoara, Miruna Coca-Cozma / Switzerland, USA / 2011 / 94 min / Romanian

Can EU money stop segregation of the Roma in school? 4 years in the life of a town in northern Romania: an in-depth look at generational prejudice, squandered opportunities, and good intentions gone awry. More about the film HERE.

Read the full program of Tent Without Borders HERE.

We have found the perfect location to screen the winner of Best Human Rights Film Award of last year's Verzio IHRDFF in Magic Mirror. This renowned tent has been continuously set up for the past 17 years and now will show a selection of the best queer movies of the recent years. Curator of the film program: Kristian Petersen, film producer, director and university teacher from Berlin.

August 14, Monday - 3pm

Daniel Abma / Germany, The Netherlands, Cuba / 2016 / 52 min / Spanish, Dutch / English subtitle

The President's daughter, Mariela Castro, organizes support and treatment for Cuban transgender people. Is the socialist island changing into a queer paradise? More about the film HERE.

"We the student jury of the 13th Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival unanimously decided to award the Best Human Rights Film to Transit Havana. Among the documentaries, we find its cinematic treatment of the issue outstanding. Given that trans issues do not end up in front pages, we find it critical that these stories be told. With this choice, we reaffirm that trans rights, which include access to healthcare and medication, employment, education and other social services, are human rights. Although this film was made in Cuba, it is part of an on-going conversation across national borders. We congratulate the director and all the other people behind the production of Transit Havana and we hope that this will inspire others to use the form of documentaries to reflect on and explore global human rights challenges." 

Student Jury: Cleve Arguelles, Viktória Bach, Giuseppe Montagnese, Sophia Seawell

The discussion after the screening is moderated by Kristian Petersen.

Read the full program of Magic Mirror HERE.