It Has Passed, and It's Fine

Elmúlt, oszt jól van
women in film
history & memory
Hungarian Premiere
Hungarian Competition
Ózd: The Unmaking of the Working Class
Zsuzsa Debre
Gábor Balla
Róbert Bordás
Zsuzsa Debre
Fruzsi Tóth
Bence Bobák
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University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest
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University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest

Through thoughtful formal solutions, the use of archival footage, and the recording of intimate situations, the film displays the nostalgic relationship women who once worked in the Ózd Metallurgical Plants have with the past. Conversations in the hair salon reveal the everyday and community life of working families before the change of the regime, and a femininity rarely seen on film.


Zsuzsa Debre graduated in 2021 at the University of Theatre and Film Arts as a Documentary Director, in the class of Tamás Almási. She has worked as a reporter for radio, television and newspapers. In 2018 she founded the Ethnic Talents casting agency, which works to promote the visibility of minorities and other groups less represented in media and film, in film and advertising. She currently serves as a communications officer for the Egalipe Network and is the editor of Forbes Events. She has an interactive documentary project in research phase and an educational documentary about the Botanic Garden in Budapest in production phase.