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Posted: January 30, 2020 - Updated: March 01, 2021

Encore screening series with some of the favorites of 16th Verzió

Join our free screenings between February 20 and May 28 and watch some of the most successful films from the 16th Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.

Posted: December 02, 2019 - Updated: March 01, 2021

As a 6th location, Kaposvár joins the Satellite Verzió towns with two screenings in December. 

Posted: November 20, 2019 - Updated: March 01, 2021

Following the 16th Verzió Film Festival in Budapest, the festival will be held in 5 other towns in Hungary, November 21–24. This year, for the first time, Debrecen and Szombathely will also host a selection of human rights documentaries, including the awarded films, after screenings in Pécs, Szeged and Kecskemét.

Posted: November 19, 2019 - Updated: March 01, 2021

Two Audience Award Winner Films were announced at the Closing Ceremony of the 16th Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival on 16 November at Toldi cinema. Colectív (directed by Alexander Nanau) won the Audience Award in the International category, and The Euphoria of Being (directed by Réka Szabó) won the Audience Award in the Hungarian category. 

Posted: November 18, 2019 - Updated: March 01, 2021

When I started preparing for my opening speech, a woman shared a photo of her face on social media. She wrote about how her partner abused her. She survived and reached the hospital, which filed a complaint against him, but her face will forever carry the marks of his deeds. The shocking images were meant to show that the woman had to save herself, pulling herself from her own hair—the hair her partner had also pulled—and managing to get away at the last moment. She uncovered her wounds to save herself.  She and others who bear similar wounds and face a similar fate.

Posted: November 17, 2019 - Updated: March 01, 2021

The 16th Verzió gave the Hungarian Audience Award to The Euphoria of Being, and the International Audience Award to Colectív. The Best Human Rights Award went to Advocate, the Best Student/Debut Film Award to Downstream and the Award of the Teen Jury to Matangi / Maya / M.I.A.. Moreover, Crime + Punishment and Zoryana Horobraya received Special Mention Awards. 

Posted: November 14, 2019 - Updated: March 01, 2021

Fish, a short film directed by Abouzar Soltani premieres at 18:15, November 14, in Toldi in the frame of the Growing Up section at 16th Verzió.

Posted: November 11, 2019 - Updated: March 01, 2021

For its 16th year, Verzió Film Festival welcomes audiences to view the finest human rights documentaries as well as its very first VR Selection, on November 13–16 in Budapest.

Posted: October 30, 2019 - Updated: March 01, 2021

The 16th Verzió, which opens on 12 November, once again welcomes several renowned documentarists, such as Emmy Award winner Alexander Nanau, FIPRESCI Award winner Saeed Al Batal, and the director of Novaya, Askold Kurov, who will hold a masterclass during the festival. 

Posted: October 24, 2019 - Updated: March 01, 2021

Ilham Tohti, an Uyghur economist fighting for the rights of China’s Uyghur minority, is the winner of the European Parliament's Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought in 2019.