21-22 China

21-22 China
Vektor VR

Today we live in a new epoch known as the Anthropocene, characterized by mass human influence on the planet. Exclusively shot from Earth skies in VR, 21-22 China takes us on an immersive meditative journey across the World’s largest rising superpower to offer a rare inside look revealing the Anthropocenic reality in these parts of the World where rapid urbanization, major industrial development and massive topographical changes are taking place.

Thierry Loa

Thierry Loa has diligently been exploring and working in various visual and media disciplines, on a diverse and mixed array of projects such as video installations, narrative films, symphonic cinema, VR cinema, interactive design, and photography. Conducting both commissioned and self-produced projects, and being interdisciplinary, Thierry shares his time between filmmaking, interactive design, photography, writing, drawing and traveling the World. As a filmmaker, he completed his feature film: a nonverbal film symphony titled 20-22 OMEGA (20-22.COM) evoking the classical symphonic films of the 1920s while giving a profound look at the contemporary Posthumans of the Anthropocene. Now he is working on the sequel project titled 21-22: a 360 VR film series exploring the state of life and nature on planet Earth.

Hungarian Premiere
Thierry Loa